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Laurelei Black
Aphrodite's Priestess, Folkloric Witch. ~ Author, Teacher, Activator.

Star and star-forged blade. Battle swan. Golden rose. Priestess of love and pleasure, Ishtar-woman, an Aphrodite-woman. Hedge-rider, cunning woman, traveler on the crooked path of the Wise.  

Thank you for taking the opportunity to connect with me.

AUTHOR ~ I write in several formats (non-fiction, fiction, magazine articles, course guides, Book of Shadows pages,  and more) about both Goddess Spirituality and Witchcraft.

TEACHER ~ At my deepest core, I am here to help others who are also seeking wisdom and guidance along the Path. This happens through online classes, YouTube videos, self-paced course guides, and presentations/classes at events.

ACTIVATOR ~  Retreats, events, publications, projects -- I'm skilled at activating on goals and manifesting results with and for my community. 
Laurelei Black

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Temple of Beauty

This is the second book in Laurelei Black's epic Temple series. It tells the story of the Trojan War through the eyes of Aphrodite's preistesses, Helen of Troy, and her twin sister Clytemnestra.
Read a free excerpt here!

Aphrodite's Eyes

In this book, Laurelei will share the basics of a cowrie shell divination system which she has personally developed since 2012.
Learn about the basics here!

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